Mission of the U.S.S. BortaS

USS BortaS' Mission

It is the mission of the USS BortaS to:

  • Take the steps required to gain, for ourselves and the Star Trek fan community in general, the respect and courtesy due us as leaders in community service and charitable efforts which has for so long been denied us by the press and media-at-large.
  • Provide for our members a fun and family safe environment in which to enjoy each other's company and have fun while engaging in community service and charitable efforts.
  • Have a good time while establishing and maintaining a long term STARFLEET presence in the Central Illinois area.
  • Spread the influence of STARFLEET as a leading organization of its type within the fan community of Illinois by assisting with the formation of additional chapters in outlying areas

The USS BortaS is committed to achieving these goals by any ethical means at our disposal remembering always that "This is supposed to be fun!!" We will accomplish these objectives through the continued operations of the chapter.

The next meeting of the USS BortaS will be
on: 21NOV2015
at: 1400 hours.
The meeting will be held at:
Steinberg Residence
Rantoul, Illinois
Special Instructions:
Call Faith if you need directions.
Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting
Bring a dish to share.

The next mission of the USS BortaS will be:
Gift Wrapping 2015
and will be held at:
Barnes and Noble, Champaign, IL
on: various dates (see Projects page)
at: times as shown on Projects page.