USS BortaS Photo Collections

USS BortaS Meeting - 25JUL2007 - Urbana, IL
USS BortaS Meeting - 16SEP2007 - Springfield, IL
USS BortaS Meeting - 27OCT2007 - Monticello, IL
Bell Wringing Project - DEC2007 - Champaign, IL
BortaS Roast - Mike Brim - 18JAN2008 - Urbana, IL
Region 12 Summit 2008 - 02-04MAY2008 - Columbia, MO
USS BortaS Thanksgiving Dinner - 19NOV2011 - Rantoul, IL
Gift Wrapping Project 2011 - DEC2011 - Champaign, IL
Illinois Sector Summit 2012 - 30JUN2012 - St. Joseph, IL
USS BortaS Meeting - 18AUG2012 - St Joseph, IL
Gift Wrapping Project 2012 - NOV-DEC2012 - Champaign, IL
Food Drive April 2014 - 26APR2014 - Rantoul, IL

The next meeting of the USS BortaS will be
on: 21NOV2015
at: 1400 hours.
The meeting will be held at:
Steinberg Residence
Rantoul, Illinois
Special Instructions:
Call Faith if you need directions.
Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting
Bring a dish to share.

The next mission of the USS BortaS will be:
Gift Wrapping 2015
and will be held at:
Barnes and Noble, Champaign, IL
on: various dates (see Projects page)
at: times as shown on Projects page.