Holiday Gift Wrapping Project 2012

As in previous years, Barnes and Noble will be providing the required materials, we provide the manpower. We are really, REALLY going to need YOUR help with this project this year. Please volunteer early and often. Project Manager Julie also asks that you please only volunteer for shifts that you are actually going to work. Volunteers backing out at the last instant is the #1 best way to KILL THE EVENT.

We will also be holding a Wrapping Seminar event before the Wrapping Project begins. The date, time, and location all have yet to be established. The purpose of this seminar is to let those who are really good at wrapping a neat package, assist those who aren't so gifted. Gift wrapping is a skill like any other and can be taught to any willing and dedicated student. :)

Event Manager Julie Rickard has secured the following dates and times for us to be there:





Friday 23NOV2012 10AM - 8PM Mission Accomplished
Sunday 25NOV2012 10AM - 8PM Mission Accomplished
Saturday 22DEC2012 10AM - 8PM Mission Accomplished
Sunday 23DEC2012 10AM - 8PM Mission Accomplished
Monday 24DEC2012 9AM - 6PM Mission Accomplished

We will need personnel for all dates and times. (*) indicates that we need to split this into two shifts. To volunteer or ask questions contact Julie.

Ladies and Gentlemen of DedEx and the BortaS,

I want to take this opportunity, before Julie posts her final reports and thank you list, to thank each and every one of you. Those of you who made it out to the events made them successful. Those of you who were unable due to health concerns, as well as those of you who were just too remotely located to be able to participate directly, you do what you can do and your moral support and suggestions have been deeply appreciated.

As OIC of the 225th, I also want to thank Brigadier Julie Rickard, the Project Manager, for her continued hard work, diligence, dedication, and effectiveness. Her leadership made this event the most successful such event held by us to date.

Thank you all, and I wish you the very Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Years.


General Michael J. McGowan
Officer-In-Charge, 225th Marine Strike Group (DedEx)
Chief of Ground Forces, USS BortaS

The next meeting of the USS BortaS will be
on: 21NOV2015
at: 1400 hours.
The meeting will be held at:
Steinberg Residence
Rantoul, Illinois
Special Instructions:
Call Faith if you need directions.
Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting
Bring a dish to share.

The next mission of the USS BortaS will be:
Gift Wrapping 2015
and will be held at:
Barnes and Noble, Champaign, IL
on: various dates (see Projects page)
at: times as shown on Projects page.