Holiday Gift Wrapping Project 2015

As in previous years, Barnes and Noble will be providing the required materials, we provide the manpower. We are really, REALLY going to need YOUR help with this project this year. Please volunteer early and often. Project Manager Julie also asks that you please only volunteer for shifts that you are actually going to work. Volunteers backing out at the last instant is the #1 best way to KILL THE EVENT.

Event Manager Julie McGowan has secured the following dates and times for us to be there:





Friday 27NOV2015 10AM - 6PM* Seeking Volunteers
Saturday 28NOV2015 12PM - 5PM Seeking Volunteers
Sunday 29NOV2015 12PM - 5PM Seeking Volunteers
Friday 04DEC2015 4PM - 9PM Seeking Volunteers
Saturday 05DEC52015 4PM - 9PM Seeking Volunteers
Sunday 06DEC2015 12PM - 5PM Seeking Volunteers
Monday 07DEC2015 2PM - 8PM Seeking Volunteers
Saturday 12DEC2015 12PM - 5PM Seeking Volunteers
Sunday 13DEC2015 12PM - 5PM Seeking Volunteers
Wednesday 23DEC2015 1PM - 9PM* Seeking Volunteers
Thurday 24DEC2015 9AM - 6PM* Seeking Volunteers

We will need personnel for all dates and times. (*) indicates that we need to split this into two shifts. To volunteer or ask questions contact Julie.


The next meeting of the USS BortaS will be
on: 21NOV2015
at: 1400 hours.
The meeting will be held at:
Steinberg Residence
Rantoul, Illinois
Special Instructions:
Call Faith if you need directions.
Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting
Bring a dish to share.

The next mission of the USS BortaS will be:
Gift Wrapping 2015
and will be held at:
Barnes and Noble, Champaign, IL
on: various dates (see Projects page)
at: times as shown on Projects page.